As a performance coach, I offer personalized training plans that allow you to achieve your running goals while keeping a focus on your priorities. Regardless if you’re searching for that new PR or thinking about tackling a new distance I can help you establish new habits, avoid burnout, and build confidence for race day.

“I reached out to Jim for advice when I decided to race a marathon less than 4 weeks after running the Boston marathon. I trusted his judgement and knew I could rely on him for solid advice and training. He created a plan for me that allowed me to recover from Boston, while incorporating the right amount of training to be prepared for another competitive effort. Thanks to his guidance I was able to race the next marathon, avoid burnout and injury and set a personal best time.”

Christina Murphy
Winner of the 2021 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

I started working with Jim in 2017 as a post-collegiate runner looking for guidance on training. In addition to being an extremely experienced and respectable runner himself, his humble and kind personality allows me to fully trust Jim. He helped me qualify and run at the 2020 Olympic Trials in the marathon and win the 2021 Columbus Marathon. He continues to find ways to challenge and encourage me to become a better runner. His feedback on my training is so helpful in building my confidence. I’m so thankful to have Jim as my coach and mentor!”

Sakiko Minagawa

“Under Jim’s coaching, I have run major PRs in both the half and full marathon. He has the perfect balance of pushing training (pace and mileages) to uncomfortable yet attainable levels. Additionally, he understands the ‘runner’s mindset’ which makes him extremely supportive and positive. Jim is also proactive in listening to this athletes if there is injury- type pain. He will tailor training instead of having you push through to cause a more severe injury. Having a unique training plan tailored personally to you provides an extra advantage compared to any other generic training plan found on the internet. I highly recommend Jim’s coaching if you’re looking for PRs and running success!”

Laura Comee

“Good coaches provide a proven blueprint for their runners. Great coaches get their runners to fully buy into that blueprint. Jim Jurcevich is a great coach. He knows how to inspire a runner, getting them to reach their potential. He’s the rare coach that I’ve seen coach at every level, from Olympic Trials marathoners to first time 5kers, and he helps those runners get the most out of their miles. Whatever your level, you’re going to improve when you work with Jim.”

Eric Fruth

“Jim Jurcevich has been my coach for over five years now and when I am training for any race, he is who I trust with my fitness goals. As a busy mom, full-time teacher, artist, and Masters runner, flexibility in my training while still seeing results is a challenging goal to meet. However, under the careful guidance of Jim, I was able to run my fastest 10K PR of 37:12 at the age of 45 and break the Master’s record of both the half and full marathon in the Glass City Toledo marathon with times of 2:52:33 and 1:23:55 respectively. What sets Jim apart from other coaches is that he truly cares about his athletes. His flexibility and open communication have allowed me to reach my running goals even when life got extremely busy or threw an unexpected curve.”

Laura Wetz

Jim Jurcevich

Performance Coach

Improvement in running is about building consistent successes as you work towards your goals. I bring together years of running and coaching experience to help people dream big and explore their potential.

My plans lead to results because of accountability and feedback. Using the online training software Final Surge you’ll know what you need to do each day and I’ll be able to track the results. I’ll give you feedback so you can start to learn more about yourself as we balance when to push and when to rest. You’ll be asked to give me regular feedback so we can make adjustments as needed.

Whether you’re getting ready for an event, in the off-season, or just looking for some advice I can create a plan specifically for you. If you’re unsure if a plan is right for you just fill out the contact form and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.